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It all began for us in 2001. Since then, we have worked for clients from a diverse range of industries, from the automobile industry, to commerce, engineering and pharma, to the consumer goods industry. Our projects are as varied as our clients: Technically complex and dealing with a wide range of issues, international and innovative.

We are not only interested in facts and figures, but also in the people behind the projects. That is why we form a new team for each project. This means that our clients always have the best looking out for them. What do our employees value? Readiness to help, exchanging of expert knowledge and a humorous, easy-going manner in dealings with one another.

Bring your brilliant mind to join our fantastic team! A little rough around the edges? Even better. We are looking for people who want to offer their knowledge and know-how to us and our clients. Whether you are an experienced professional, graduate or student, you will have many opportunities to help shape the logistics of the future if you join us.

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ebp employee raves about everyday work at logistics consultancy

Everyone is there for everyone.

"When working with my ebp colleagues, I appreciate that we are there for each other. You can approach colleagues if you need information for or support in a project or if their skills are in demand. Everyone is always there for everyone else. The cooperation is great."

Edmund - Managing Consultant

ebp-consulting employees from everyday work at logistics consultancy

The work as a consultant is very diverse and varied. 

"As a consultant, you have a lot of variety in your day-to-day job. I currently have several projects that I work on in parallel. From warehouse and intralogistics topics to plant structure planning and layout planning to operational support as an interim manager. That is also the advantage of ebp. You have your main focus, but with different interfaces to other areas. This means there is enough room for manoeuvre to get to know many different topics and always something new."

Markus - Business Manager

Employee at logistics consultancy tells about everyday working life

As a graduate directly to the customer.

"Joining ebp was very practical. I was directly involved in the customer project and also quickly on site with the customer. As a result, you learn directly from the first day of work what it means to be in consulting. It was an exciting start to my professional life."

Lukas - Consultant

Employee at Supply Chain Management Consulting tells about daily work routine

Many different industries promise variety.

"I'm currently working in plant structure planning for a premium car manufacturer. We have planned the plant structure for many months and are currently implementing it. For this, I'm directly on the shop floor with a colleague. At the same time, I am still working on issues for a medium-sized engineering company. There is still a lot of room for optimisation, especially in the SME sector, in contrast to the automotive sector, which is the "front-runner". And then I'm still at a dealer for medical technology, for whom we support the software selection for a warehouse management system."

Marc – Senior Consultant & Projektmanager

Employee at supply chain management consultancy ebp-consulting talks about everyday working life

At ebp, work and private life can be combined well.

"It's a big plus at ebp that you have a good work-life balance. There are phases when there's a lot to do and you're also on the road, but it's a good mix and you still have enough time for sports or other activities after work."

Lukas - Consultant

ebp employee talks about everyday work at logistics consultancy

The age mix is very inspiring.

"For me, working at ebp is characterised by the great collegiality. As a consultant with over 40 years of professional experience, I find it very inspiring to work with young colleagues. The colleagues know their specialist areas very well and are competent contacts at a high level. This broadens my horizons in every project, which I find great."

Bernhard - Business Manager

ebp has many faces
A few facts


are coffee addicts. Whether it's coffee beans or teabags, the important thing is to stay sharp.

> 60%

prefer to grab an apple. For the rest, it's a banana.


years of professional experience on average - Learning and working from and alongside professionals.

> 65%

equity ratio - Swabian. Sound. Secure.


new project each week - There's no such thing as boredom.

> 10

projects abroad each year - For those who don't just want to see the world on their Holidays.

Benefits for our employees

In addition to management consultancy employees, we are also looking for Experts in operational activities in industrial enterprises -Professionals for supply chain operations

Are you interested in working on operational activities or activities in interim management as an expert or freelancer and are interested in temporary employment with our renowned clients? Then take a look at our Exdema® unit.

Go to Exdema®

An overview of the most frequently asked questions

What is the correct way to apply and what does a full application consist of?

You can apply to us via two channels. You can use our online application form or submit your application via email by sending it to

A complete application includes a cover letter, a CV with no gaps and any relevant certificates and employment references. The application documents should not exceed 10 MB in size and should ideally be compiled in a single, or at most, three pdf documents.

Your cover letter should tell us why you wish to work at ebp, what your expectations are and what skills and experience you would be contributing. You should also address the relevant points in the invitation to tender. In addition to the professional positions you have held, your CV should also describe the specific tasks and responsibilities assigned to you as accurately as possible and should demonstrate the ways in which you have developed.

How long will I have to wait after submitting my application before I receive a response?

You will generally receive a confirmation of receipt within a few days. As we know how much effort you put into your application, we too want to take the time to thoroughly review your documents. However, you should have received an initial reply from us after approximately two weeks.

What is the meaning of the locations listed in the job advertisement?

The listed locations refer to the offices in which you could be placed. However, our company manages projects across Germany and around the world, so it is therefore important that you are also willing to travel.

What should I do if I am interested in more than one job offer?

Please send us only one application and make a note in the cover letter, stating which other positions or locations you are also interested in. We generally always check to see if your profile would be a good match for any of our other in-house positions.

What language should my application be written in?

As a general rule: Please complete your application in the language used for the job advertisement. If the application needs to be submitted in a different language, this will be clearly stated in the advertisement.

How does the selection process work?

Generally the selection process at ebp is carried out in stages. If your application has piqued our interest, we will invite you to take part in a telephone interview with the human resources department, which will last approximately 30 minutes. This telephone call allows us to get to know you a little and gives us an idea of your personality and skills. It also gives you the opportunity to ask us some initial questions. Following a subsequent, more in-depth discussion regarding your application with the relevant department, a face-to-face interview will be arranged in order to get to know you better and to allow specialist topics to be discussed in greater Detail.

What does the face-to-face interview at ebp entail?

A face-to-face interview is the best way to find out if you are right for us and if we are right for you. It allows both parties to get to know one another and offers an opportunity for any outstanding issues to be clarified. We are interested in your personality and professional skills, so it is centred around getting to know as much about the real you as possible. It also gives you the chance to form an impression of us, ask us any questions you feel are important and get an idea of what's involved in the position and activities at ebp. Frank and honest discussions are therefore very important to us.

Will I also have the chance to collaborate on international projects or work abroad?

Bei ebp haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sich auch im internationalen Umfeld zu entwickeln. Unsere Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Kunden ermöglicht immer wieder Einsätze im Ausland, mal über kurz-, mal über langfristige Projekte.

What opportunities are there for further training at ebp?

At ebp there are many ways for you to grow with the job. We support our clients by offering them our expert knowledge as part of both national and international projects. It is therefore important for us that we support you in strengthening and developing your competencies by offering targeted opportunities for further Training.

Training „On the Job“

Our dynamic project environment regularly offers committed employees the chance to grow through new responsibilities and projects. The internal exchange of knowledge promotes cross-project and cross-location know-how and skills development.

Training „Off the Job“

Targeted training using various modules in professional and social competence, in addition to internal training sessions and workshops, sometimes offered in collaboration with external education providers, allows every employee to develop his/her own social and professional competencies.

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