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Increasing transport costs and the lack of transport capacity due to a shortage of vehicles and drivers, as well as increasingly unreliable sea container traffic with an extreme increase in freight rates are just a few examples of problems in the complex supply chains of global companies. We know which parameters to tweak and optimize all areas related to your transports. At the customer’s request, we adapt transport concepts, reorganise processes and take care of freight purchasing, from the call for tenders to the selection of service providers and purchasing negotiations.

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"transport cost optimization & freight service purchasing"

Transport costs are an elementary factor and a significant cost block in global supply chains. We optimise, plan and manage your transports. This includes a holistic approach – from strategic transport networks and transport concepts to the appointment of transport service provides and the purchase of sustainable, cost-efficient freight services. Checking the accuracy of freight invoices to be paid and disclosing discrepancies or justified reimbursements from excessive invoices also make up part of our service portfolio.


Why ebp-consulting?

  • Company expertise in transport optimisation and freight service purchasing
  • Use of IT tools for transport and logistics cost optimisation
  • We develop sustainably optimised transport solutions
  • We use benchmarks to asses transport costs
  • We are familiar with the market of transport service providers
  • Use of TMS software to increase transparency in transport chains
  • Standardised procedure models and templates are part of our toolkit

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