Medical technology & pharmaceuticals

Characteristics and particularities
Industry insight

The medical technology and pharmaceuticals sectors are among the most dynamic branches of manufacturing industry due to the independence from economic developments and the existence of a growing demand-side market. Nevertheless, tighter regulation, near-term legislative amendments, the expiry of patents and not least increasing price sensitivity among consumers and health insurance providers present significant challenges to the industry. Stronger competition with generic products and the growth of personalised medication are precipitating further changes in the market circumstances. Pharmaceutical and medical technology companies are increasingly responding by initiating reorganisation and optimisation projects throughout the supply chain, from suppliers and production, to distribution and interfaces with patients.

Challenges to
ensure competitiveness

Specific framework conditions and special challenges that are characteristic of the medical technology and pharmaceuticals industries:

  • Globalisation of production and value chains
  • Outsourcing of non-core content to suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Strong growth in new markets requires alternative distribution channels and modified processes
  • Lean management in production and logistics to enhance efficiency and flexibility
  • Optimisation of the entire supply chain: Distribution/sales, scheduling, procurement, production – through smart SCM approaches
  • New products need to be launched quickly and efficiently on the marketplace (new product launch)
  • Quick, punctual supply of patients requires the introduction of additional measures and solutions in the supply chain, especially for the last mile
  • Increasing volatility of customer requirements, caused by promotions and tendering
  • Hospitals are optimising their logistics; this requires client-oriented supply concepts such as vendor managed inventory
  • Rising volumes of over-the-counter products (OTC) that must be treated in the supply chain like consumer goods

Selected consulting focuses

  • Forecasting and demand planning
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP), integrated planning and control
  • Intelligent scheduling procedures
  • Order fulfilment processes
  • Production and logistics networks
  • Distribution processes, replenishment and line-side presentation strategies
  • Procurement and logistics strategies
  • Inventory optimisation along the value chain
  • Lean SCM methods
  • Lean production
  • Warehouse and logistics optimisation
  • Outsourcing of logistics, service provider concepts
  • SCM/IT applications for forecasting, planning and control, e.g. SAP-APO and -IBP
  • Indicator systems (KPI) in the supply chain

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