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25.03.2020 | COVID-19

Logistical challenges in times of Covid-19!

The corona crises has brought about major logistical challenges for many companies that need a quick and efficient solution. We support our customers, business partners and all interested parties with our full commitment and all our professional expertise:

  • with immediately available interim managers for SCM and logistics on site,
  • in the stabilization and avoidance of bottlenecks in the supply chains and
  • in the short-term adaptation and optimization of relevant processes in production and logistics for sustainable profitability.

We also follow the recommendations of the authorities to support the containment of coronavirus (COVID-19). The health of our employees, customers and business partners is important to us and has top priority. Although we are currently only able to provide our customers with very limited on-site support, our employees continue to show full commitment and are available by telephone or video conference as usual.

We stand for flexible and pragmatic solutions to overcome the challenges in this special time of crisis. Contact us by phone, e-mail, teams or Skype - we are still there for you!

23.03.2020 | For the seventh time in a row

Best consultants 2020

According to the latest "brand one" study, ebp-consulting GmbH is one of the best consultancies in Germany for the seventh time in a row. We are constantly developing our consulting portfolio. In addition to the development of our own tools, for example for inventory optimisation, we also act as general planners, optimise intralogistics or conduct make-or-buy studies. Our customers appreciate this and confirm a lasting good consulting performance with this quality seal.

05.03.2020 | We are your competent partner for all intralogistic solutions

LogiMat 2020 in Stuttgart has been cancelled

The 18th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled. ebp-consulting has gathered all updates on the latest technology solutions by other means and remains at your disposition as a competent partner to find the best solution for you. We are happy to offer on-site appointments to all our customers and interested parties. Should this not be possible at the moment due to the current situation, we are also available for Skype calls. Please contact us - we are your competent partner.

10.07.2019 | Interview with Frank Gehr at the Business Forum (Wirtschaftsforum)

Consulting, Planning, Implementation

Driven not least by the digitalisation and globalisation of the economy, logistics has had to face numerous new challenges in recent years. Agile supply chains and Big Data are just two of the major issues. The ebp-consulting GmbH from Stuttgart is a consulting partner of great reputation and scores with technologically innovative concepts, experience and a broad Service portfolio.

"Our core topics are supply chain and logistics management as well as factory and warehouse planning“, explains managing director Frank Gehr. „A major trend topic is, of course, digitalisation and, above all, Big Data. We have developed a special toolset for Big Data Analytics in logistics with which we can analyse valuable data and leverage significant optimization potential. In addition to our innovative solutions, ebp‘s customers highly appreciate the close cooperation with their business partners. ebp focuses on interaction and constant dialogue.

Sustainable customer relations
"We work closely with our customers, take a close look at their warehouses and logistics centres even before we start working together and organise workshops on site, for example to identify potential for improvement in logistics and supply chain issues," says Frank Gehr. "It is important to get to know each other personally and to build a sustainable relationship based on partnership. This enables the consultancy to change to a completely different, higher quality".

As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute, innovation is in the DNA of the company. In almost 20 years, ebp has succeeded in further expanding its well-founded implementation competence without giving up its proximity to innovation. "Together with our IT partners, we offer everything from a single source: IT concept and implementation, warehouse and conveyor technology selection and implementation support," says the managing director. "Over the years, we have also consistently differentiated our consulting portfolio so that we can support a wide range of industries such as online trade or mechanical engineering in meeting current challenges. Innovative distribution concepts are just as much part of this as inventory optimisation or intelligent stocking and replenishment strategies".

In the future, ebp will focus even more on future topics such as Industry 4.0 or Digital Supply Chain and support companies in adapting their processes. "The range of services is also going to become more comprehensive. For example, in warehouse logistics we act as a responsible general planner, so that the customer receives the optimal, integrated and technology provider-independent solution," explains Frank Gehr. "We will also take on accompanying activities and support our customers in operational issues through interim management. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and high flexibility requirements for management capacities, this is frequently used by companies. In contrast to personnel consultancies, we have the advantage of specialist expertise and can therefore offer clear added value".

31.05.2019 | Optimization of inventories with high parts availability and delivery capability

The ebp Inventory Optimization Tool

Are your stocks too high? Is your stock full and you still can't maintain the required service level? Would you like to increase your delivery service level and reduce inventory costs at the same time? Do you have the right planning strategies for the consumption behavior and replenishment times of your articles?

12.04.2019 | Where are your logistics costs compared?

Warehouse Logistics Benchmarking with the ebp Logistics Check

Is your warehouse logistics still efficient? Do you have transparency about the real costs in the warehouse processing by your external logistics service provider? Are you still satisfied with the performance and costs of your external logistics partner? Would you like to know how much your warehouse logistics should (maximally) cost according to current standards and with optimised processes?

These are questions that many logistics decision-makers are confronted with. It is often difficult to assess whether warehouse processing is still cost-optimal and why an external logistics service provider is deviating further and further from the plan and why its services are becoming more expensive. Often there is a lack of transparency in the logistics processes, and cost increases cannot be tracked reliably. For those responsible, the question is rightly raised: What are the optimal costs for a comparable logistics concept?

Warehouse logistics benchmarking with a standardized, tool-based logistics check is the right approach here. ebp-consulting has developed a consulting product in which current processes in warehouse logistics - independent of the purpose of the warehouse - are reproduced in detail and the respective target costs are determined. The result of the logistics check is a well-founded statement about what logistics should cost on the basis of current processes and the current use of technology. The company's own process performance or that of the commissioned logistics service provider is thus provided with a critical mirror in the form of a resilient and comprehensible benchmark.

This procedure, in which the processes are recorded and analysed in detail, also makes it possible in most cases to derive elementary process improvements using lean logistics principles. Using the same tool-based consulting approach, optimization scenarios for your warehouse processes can be developed, evaluated in terms of costs and compared with the current situation. This is the way to achieve a real benchmark and significant efficiency increase potentials.

The advantages of the ebp logistics check in brief:

  • Presentation of the actual process in detail according to process steps and costs
  • Process evaluation on the basis of standardized MTM time studies in a pre-structured planning database
  • Determination of costs per individual process
  • Calculation of the imputed total costs, e.g. per article group, as benchmark
  • Derivation of optimizations in the individual process steps
  • Mapping and evaluation of different scenarios
  • Low consulting effort because everything is systematized and preconfigured
  • Manageable project duration from 8 to 10 weeks

If you would like to find out more about the ebp logistics check, please contact us and let our experts introduce you to our consulting Approach.