Reducing cost of Logistics through Big Data Analytics

16.01.2019 | ebp at the LogiMat 2019

LogiMat 2019

Fort the first time ever, ebp-consulting will be presenting the „Analytics as a Service” tool set (AaaS) at the 2019 LogiMat. This tool set identifies great savings potential through mass data analysis in the areas of logistics, transport and stocks and therefore enables users to find targeted solutions for optimisation.

Big data used to be just the downside of analysis phases when it comes to efficiency gain projects. Using the right efficient data tools (i.e. special BI software solutions) and enhanced programs for analysis and planning, makes it possible to carry out frequent and systematic logistics optimisations.

ebp-consulting recently uses big data applications for transport and container efficiency, optimised in-plant routing of traffic and reduction of stock considering the adaption of disposition rules.

Standard interfaces enable connectivity to ERP-. WMS- and TM- Systems. User friendly front ends and predefined reports also allow a cockpit like usage of these tools. By using the “Analytics as a Service” tool set, ebp- consulting offers its clients the opportunity to identify potential and define measures for improvement. Standardised checks in logistics offer interested partners a great start into up to date logistic optimisation.

Benefits of ebp-consultings „Analytics as a Service (AaaS)“ tool set on the point:

  • Fast and timely detection of potential through high automation and defined data structure.
  • Use of tested and validated optimisation routines.
  • Clear visualisation and analysis via user friendly dash boards and structured reporting.
  • Predefined optimisation solutions for i.e. the optimisation of transport costs and reduction of stocks.
  • Standardised transmission of data from operational Systems.

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