Warehouse Logistics Benchmarking with the ebp Logistics Check

12.04.2019 | Where are your logistics costs compared?

Is your warehouse logistics still efficient? Do you have transparency about the real costs in the warehouse processing by your external logistics service provider? Are you still satisfied with the performance and costs of your external logistics partner? Would you like to know how much your warehouse logistics should (maximally) cost according to current standards and with optimised processes?

These are questions that many logistics decision-makers are confronted with. It is often difficult to assess whether warehouse processing is still cost-optimal and why an external logistics service provider is deviating further and further from the plan and why its services are becoming more expensive. Often there is a lack of transparency in the logistics processes, and cost increases cannot be tracked reliably. For those responsible, the question is rightly raised: What are the optimal costs for a comparable logistics concept?

Warehouse logistics benchmarking with a standardized, tool-based logistics check is the right approach here. ebp-consulting has developed a consulting product in which current processes in warehouse logistics - independent of the purpose of the warehouse - are reproduced in detail and the respective target costs are determined. The result of the logistics check is a well-founded statement about what logistics should cost on the basis of current processes and the current use of technology. The company's own process performance or that of the commissioned logistics service provider is thus provided with a critical mirror in the form of a resilient and comprehensible benchmark.

This procedure, in which the processes are recorded and analysed in detail, also makes it possible in most cases to derive elementary process improvements using lean logistics principles. Using the same tool-based consulting approach, optimization scenarios for your warehouse processes can be developed, evaluated in terms of costs and compared with the current situation. This is the way to achieve a real benchmark and significant efficiency increase potentials.

The advantages of the ebp logistics check in brief:

  • Presentation of the actual process in detail according to process steps and costs
  • Process evaluation on the basis of standardized MTM time studies in a pre-structured planning database
  • Determination of costs per individual process
  • Calculation of the imputed total costs, e.g. per article group, as benchmark
  • Derivation of optimizations in the individual process steps
  • Mapping and evaluation of different scenarios
  • Low consulting effort because everything is systematized and preconfigured
  • Manageable project duration from 8 to 10 weeks

If you would like to find out more about the ebp logistics check, please contact us and let our experts introduce you to our consulting Approach.

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