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We analyse your company and help you to optimise and design your production and assembly zones. The application of lean production philosophy allows us to support you in multiple ways. We help you to realise efficient production and assembly with minimal throughput times. In this regard, we focus on lean value added processes, irrespective of whether they relate to individual workstations, production and assembly lines or production planning and control (PPC).

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There are many causes for inefficient and inadequate production: Changes in unit numbers, the product spectrum, the gradual emergence of rigid but now obsolete structures and many more. Ultimately this leads to high inventories, extended throughput times, excessive delivery periods and permanent rescheduling of ongoing production. The implementation and consistent application of lean production principles can help to achieve fundamental optimisation and continuous improvements. Our project experience has shown that production strategies in planning and control that are adapted to the material flow – for instance the introduction of a pull system – can significantly affect process efficiency. The interface between production and logistics, especially in material supply and replenishment control, is another integrative building block on the way to efficient production within an excellent factory.


Reasons for ebp-consulting customers

  • We define the appropriate production strategies to achieve operational excellence.
  • Production and logistics concepts as an integrated approach - from one source!
  • We combine material flow topics with PPS topics
  • Lean Production is not just a method for us, but an objective
  • With digitalization solutions to the optimal processes
  • From rough concept to the implementation we accompany our customers

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