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We provide a broad range of consulting services for supply chain management. In this regard, we capitalise on our successful methods and proven solutions based on our longstanding experience in a variety of industries and consulting projects.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

These days, the success of companies depends on the effectiveness of their supply chain management (SCM). The system must accommodate the needs of complex, multilevel value chains and even networks. Here, the elementary factors include the design of agile supply chains, the application of modern methods for planning and control and ultimately close collaboration with the partner as well. We believe that in order to be sustainably successful, supply chain management must be based on the company’s proprietary SCM strategy. Based on this, it becomes possible to ensure integral optimisation of network structures, processes and auxiliary SCM software systems in procurement, production and distribution. Supply chain management covers a comprehensive and complex set of process and IT issues whose optimisation requires broad and coherent empirical knowledge.


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  • Successful SCM consulting for over 20 years
  • Already more than 500 projects realized across all industries
  • We design our customers' supply chains so that they generate real competitive advantages
  • From strategy to implementation: we only plan what can be implemented
  • Network Design, Sales & Operations Planning, Supply Chain Digitalization - We have experience in these challenging topics

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