Large scope of expertise
tailored solutions

Fields of expertise
Extensive know-how, profound expertise

Not only do our experience and expertise in a broad spectrum of competencies make us the ideal partners for the skilful design of strategies, business processes and IT solutions, we also combine them to create integral approaches and ensure successful implementation.

  • Supply chain management

  • Logistics management

  • Factory planning

  • Warehouse planning

  • After-sales management

  • Production management

  • Transport management

  • Transport cost optimisation & freight service purchasing

Range of services
Comprehensive and tailored to your needs

We consult each of our customers individually and offer specific solutions tailored precisely to the needs of the company based on our experience and expertise from a vast array of past projects. Depending on the issues and the consulting needs, our range extends from strategic and process advice to concept planning and support during implementation. We have profound experience in relevant IT systems and hardware solutions for production, logistics and supply chain management. With our holistic expertise in problem-solving, we give our clients comprehensive, consistent project support on request. Whenever necessary, we can also act as a one-stop solution for general planning services.

Strategic consulting

The first step in designing and implementing sustainable process improvement and optimisation is to define or modify the overall strategic concept. After all, profound, technical strategies provide the framework and are key elements in the optimised and integral structuring of a company’s processes and organisation. We perceive ourselves as process consultants offering strategic foresight, also in regard to the company’s medium to long-term development. Often large-scale changes in processes and structures possess a clear strategic relevancy, which we enshrine in a strategic concept and accompany with necessary organisational modifications as part of our consultancy services.

Functional and process consulting

On behalf of our clients (usually process owners and departmental heads), we optimise and design structures, processes and IT solutions along the entire process chain – on request beyond the company borders. Our core competencies include the analysis, design, elaboration and implementation of complex issues within planning and control, production, logistics, order fulfilment, purchasing and procurement. We also provide the entire engineering to accommodate particularly implementation-oriented issues with highly detailed logistical requirements. Examples of our services within process consulting are:

  • Analyses of potential
  • Business process reengineering
  • Process analysis and design
  • Process conception
  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed planning and engineering

IT applications

Information technology is a key factor in company processes across all departments - planning, production, logistics or order fulfilment. Whether the planned workflow efficiency will be achieved or not is highly depending on IT. Within this overall framework, ebp upholds a philosophy that is as clear-cut as it is proven: First the process, then the IT. We initially focus on the design of sustainably efficient processes. Afterwards we deduce the consequent requirements for electronic data processing and IT. During the process design or optimisation we outline the necessary functional spectrum of the IT applications using a feasibility study. Our services extend from the preparation of specifications and selection of software, to application development and support during deployment. These IT systems are mainly grouped within application areas relating to production and logistics, for instance ERP, SCM, APS, WMS and TMS.

Technology selection

The use of high-performance, state-of-the-art warehouse, transport and material handling technology is absolutely imperative to enable lean and efficient processes in logistics and production. We design technical solutions and define a suitable degree of automation for the processes we plan or optimise. We are familiar with the provider market and can hence propose eligible technology providers from a neutral perspective. Highly automated solutions like state-of-the-art shuttle warehouses or flexible, automated guided vehicles (AGV) are among the aspects that we consider, alongside simple and cost-efficient equipment for manual processes. Currently available logistics approaches within Industry 4.0 are extremely well known to us and are implemented within pilot applications.

Coaching and implementation support

The support we provide during the preparatory and implementation phase – e.g. through individual coaching, training and implementation models – is as diverse as your requirements. We accompany you by providing input, tools and conflict resolution approaches in regular meetings over a defined period to ensure in-house implementation of complex tasks according to their precise requirements. As your external partner, we always adopt a neutral stance and offer our expert support as moderators or even as implementation managers. Examples of our services within implementation support are:

  • Implementation planning
  • Change management
  • Coaching
  • Pilot implementation
  • Rollout support
  • Train the trainer

Project management

We accept complete responsibility for all aspects of project management and in the planning of all work, organisation, schedules and budgets. This includes management, control, consulting and project assistance tasks that are needed during project implementation. The project management office function (PMO) is crucial within major projects with complex structures. It is responsible for actively supporting project planning and control, as well as for reporting, documentation and controlling. We can also manage deployment of process-enabled software systems in collaboration with the software consultant. When asked to do so by our customers, we accept the frequently requested and expected role of a general planner for all relevant planning tasks and trades. Our broad range of competencies allows us to accept central planning responsibility for an entire project, for instance to build a new plant or logistics hub, as we have demonstrated successfully on multiple occasions.

Seminars & workshops

We hold seminars on a large number of our consulting fields and core competencies. In these workshops we provide practical examples to convey methodical knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art solutions. Interaction with participants and active involvement through role-play are integral to our seminars. Moreover, our services include seminars or qualification programmes to meet specific customer needs, for instance on SCM or lean topics. We also organise and moderate round-table discussions on particular topics as ideal networking forums. You can also benefit from our workshops and excursions on topic development, identification and description of optimisation potential and on raising the awareness of process stakeholders. Our “outside perspective” of possible issues and solution approaches can be highly beneficial to you in the run-up to projects – by arrangement, we can offer you this initial support as a complementary service upon contracting.

Interim management

Do you require an interim head of logistics or do you need temporary stand-ins for relevant positions within the department? We would gladly come to your assistance. With Experts on Demand, ebp-consulting organises the on-demand deployment of qualified specialists for interim management in the whole supply chain to offer companies operative assignments in the areas of logistics, purchasing & procurement, production and quality management. For further information, visit to identify the ideal professionals for your supply chain operations.

Experience from projects in the recent past has shown that in addition to the external consultants, an interim manager needs to be assigned to work full-time for the client over a defined period – e.g. six months – especially in the implementation and realisation phase. The benefits of this approach are that it eases the burden on the client’s team and enables coaching during the rollout of new processes and structures.